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Vitamin K1 Inj

Vitamin K1 intended for use in cats, dogs, goats, sheep, swine, horses, calves, and cattle. It is used for countering hypoprothrombinemia caused by ingesting compounds that are coumarin-based typically used in rodenticides for commercial use.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for parenteral administration to domestic animals and livestock
  • Convenient pack size
  • Short withholds for livestock
  • An aqueous colloidal solution
  • Treats domestic animals exposed to poisoning by Warfarin or other coumarins

How It Works

After administering this medication intramuscularly, phytonadione is absorbed readily. Following this absorption, initial concentration of phytonadione is primarily in the liver. This rapidly declines and vitamin K does not accumulate in tissues of the body.


Vitamin K1 Injection is indicated in the treatment of hypoprothrombinaemia associated with poisoning by warfarin or other coumarins

Vitamin K1 Inj 10mg/ml (100 ml)
Prescription Required
$20.99Reg $27.29