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Aservo EquiHaler

Aservo EquiHaler is a specific product used in veterinary medicine. It is an inhaler device designed for horses and is used to deliver medication to treat respiratory conditions in equines.

Aservo EquiHaler utilizes a unique inhalation chamber that allows the horse to inhale the medication effectively. It is typically prescribed for horses with conditions such as heaves (recurrent airway obstruction) or other respiratory disorders. The device delivers a precise dose of medication in the form of a fine mist or aerosol, allowing it to reach the horse's lungs directly.

It's important to note that the specific usage, dosage, and treatment plan should be determined by a veterinarian who has examined the horse and is familiar with its specific health needs. Veterinary professionals can provide guidance on how to correctly administer the Aservo EquiHaler and ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment for the horse.

Aservo EquiHaler 343 mcg/actuation
Prescription Required
$351.99Reg $456.99