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SwineMate (Altrenogest) Solution

SwineMate is a solution used to synchronization estrus in sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrous cycle to achieve prolonged gestation for 2-3 days, synchronized farrowing and postponement of post-weaning estrus. Provides predictable breeding timetable. Encourages standing heat 4-9 days after completing the treatment.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured in Minnesota in an FDAapproved facility.
  • Dosage - 6.8 mL/day for 14 consecutive days (15 mg of altrenogest per day).
  • Achieve standing heat 4-9 days after SwineMate treatment.
  • The cost-effective alternative to MATRIX.
  • The exact formulation and active ingredient as MATRIX.
  • Operating efficiency improves by controlling estrus synchronization.
  • Predictable breeding timetable for sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrus.
  • SwineMate is used to synchronize the estrous cycle of gilts, to prolong gestation for 2-3 days, to synchronize farrowing, and to postpone post-weaning estrus.

How It Works

SwineMate contains the active ingredient, altrenogest, which produces a progestational effect in mares.

SwineMate (Altrenogest) Solution 0.22% (2.2 mg/mL) 1000 mL
Prescription Required
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