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Pneumabort K+1B

PNEUMABORT-K® + 1b is the only equine vaccine labeled for use in pregnant mares to aid in the prevention of abortion due to equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) infections, as well as to help prevent respiratory infections caused by EHV-1p and EHV-1b.

In the fifth, seventh and ninth months of gestation mares need a vaccine labeled to help protect against abortion caused by EHV-1. In fact, pregnant mares have a more than four times greater risk of abortion due to EHV-1 when not vaccinated.

Key Benefits

  • The 1b subgroup of EHV-1 continues to be an important group, as are abortions associated with EHV-1 infections.5
  • PNEUMABORT-K + 1b is uniquely adjuvanted for improved immune responses.
  • Recommended for whole-herd management including geldings, stallions and mares where there is evidence of EHV-1 in the herd population

How It Works

Contains both the 1b and 1p strain to protect against equine rhino-pneumonitis and abortion in pregnant mares.

Pneumabort K+1b (10 Doses)
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