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Aivlosin (Tylvalosin Tartrate) Water Soluble

Aivlosin (Tylvalosin Tartrate) Water Soluble

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Aivlosin® is a water soluble granular antibiotic powder for oral use by administration in the drinking water and contains the antibiotic Tylvalosin a recent innovation which is effective at treating numerous conditions in swine.

Because of its water soluble granule formulation, the antibiotic is rapidly absorbed and concentrates in target tissues providing a consistent and proven control of major respiratory and enteric diseases in pigs a few of which are

  • Mycoplasmal pneumonia
  • Ileitis/PPE
  • Swine Fysentery

Aivlosin®'s rapid effectiveness in the control of both acute and chronic respiratory and enteric diseases provides valuable commercial advantages to minimize economic losses for growers.

Prescription Required


Dosage & Administration

Swine: Control of Porcline Proliferative Enteropathy

Prepare drinking water containing 50 parts per million Tylvalosin. Add Aivlosin® Water Soluble Granules to drinking water as illustrated in the following table.

Aivlosin® Water Soluble Granules sachet size 400 grams
Tylvalosin content of sachet (grams) 250
Recommended volume of stock solution (US gallons) 10
Volume of drinking water (US gallons) 1320
Final tylvalosin inclusion rate in drinking water 50 parts per million (ppm)

Administer continuously in drinking water for five consecutive days. Keep water supply equipment clean and in good operating condition. Clean water medication equipment before and after each use. Do not mix or administer Tylvalosin medicated water using equipment made of galvanized metal. Galvanized metal adversely affects the stability of Tylvalosin in water and may reduce the effectiveness of the product. Prepare a fresh batch od medicated stock solution or medicated drinking water daily.

Mixing Directions: See Product Information provided in the package insert for details.

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