Trifexis Heartworm for Dogs
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Trifexis Heartworm for Dogs

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Trifexis for Dogs protects petite dogs from fleas, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. This chewable tablet features a scrumptious beef flavor that makes it easy to administer your pet's monthly dose. By combining spinosad and milbemycin oxide, this treatment combats parasites for a full month and begins working within 30 minutes of administering the first dose.

Triflexis is a prescription medication that is safe for dogs that are at least 8 weeks of age. There are also five different formulations of Triflexis to give the proper dosage based on your dog?s weight. This pack includes 6 months worth of 140 mg doses for dogs that are between 5 and 10 pounds- but there are also dosages for dogs that weigh 11-20 pounds, 21-40 pounds, 41-60 pounds, and 61-120 pounds.

    Key Features:
  • Begins killing fleas 30 minutes after application and kills 100% of biting fleas after 4 hours
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms
  • Palatable beef flavor and real pork liver makes tablet easy to administer

How it works: Spinosad, an active ingredient in Trifexis, starts to work within 30 minutes to kill fleas and has been proven to kill 100% of all biting fleas within 4 hours. Trifexis also kills flea eggs before they can mature, which helps to end the flea life cycle. Trifexis prevents heartworm disease by killing microfilariae and larvae from maturing into adult heartworms.

    Side effects
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Increased thirst and/or appetite
  • Redness of skin
  • Anorexia
  • Lethargy or hyperactivity
  • Vocalization
  • Excessive salivation

Prescription Required


Trifexis for Dogs 5 to 10 lbs:
Active Ingredients per tablet Amount
Spinosad 140 mg
Milbemycin oxime 2.3 mg

Trifexis for Dogs 10.1 to 20 lbs:
Active Ingredients per tablet Amount
Spinosad 270 mg
Milbemycin oxime 4.5 mg

Trifexis for Dogs 20.1 to 40 lbs:
Active Ingredients per tablet Amount
Spinosad 560 mg
Milbemycin oxime 9.3 mg

Trifexis for Dogs 40.1 to 60 lbs:
Active Ingredients per tablet Amount
Spinosad 810 mg
Milbemycin oxime 13.5 mg

Trifexis for Dogs 60.1 to 120 lbs:
Active Ingredients per tablet Amount
Spinosad 1620 mg
Milbemycin oxime 27 mg


Dosage & Administration: Give Trifexis chewable tablets with food. Give Trifexis chewable tablets once a month. Trifexis chewable tablets may be chewed, offered in food, or administered like other tablet medications. If vomiting occurs within 1 hour of administration, redose the pet with another full dose. Store Trifexis at room temperature (68-77° F). Consult your veterinarian for pregnant or lactating dogs.

View Trifexis Drug Facts Sheet.

  • Please view the chart below for the correct dosage of Trifexis for your dog.

Tip: Trifexis does not protect against ticks.

Pet Weight Dosage
(Over 8 weeks of age)
5 - 10 lbs Give one tablet (Pink label box)
0.1 - 20 lbs Give one tablet (Orange label box)
  20.1 - 40 lbs Give one tablet (Green label box)
  40.1 - 60 lbs Give one tablet (Blue label box)
  60.1 - 120 lbs Give one tablet (Brown label box)
Over 120 lbs Administer the appropriate combination of tablets
Horses: X X
Cats: X X
Storage: Should be stored at room temperature. Keep away from pets and children.

What happens if I miss giving a dose: Give the missed dose with food as soon as you remember and resume a monthly dosing schedule.

What happens if I overdose the pet: Overdose of this medication is unlikely. However, if an overdose is suspected, contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency room. Symptoms of overdose that may occur include vomiting.

What should I avoid while giving Trifexis: Your pet may maintain normal activities and interactions while being given Trifexis. The safe use of Trifexis chewable tablets in male dogs intended for breeding has not been established.

What are the possible side effects of Trifexis: Side effects that may occur include vomiting. If vomiting occurs within one hour of administration, redose with another full dose. Other side effects may occur. Continue giving Trifexis chewable tablets and talk to your veterinarian if your pet experiences decreased appetite, lethargy or decreased activity, diarrhea, cough, increased thirst, vocalization, increased appetite, redness of the skin, hyperactivity and excessive salivation. Talk to your veterinarian about any side effect that seems unusual or especially bothersome to the pet.

What other drugs will affect Trifexis: Talk to your veterinarian before giving any prescription or over the counter medications.

What should I discuss with my veterinarian before giving Trifexis: Tell your veterinarian if you are planning on breeding your pet. Tell your veterinarian if your dog has a history of seizures (epilepsy).

Cautions: Serious adverse reactions have been reported following concomitant extra-label use of ivermectin with spinosad alone, one of the components of Trifexis chewable tablets. Use with caution in breeding females. The safe use of Trifexis in breeding males has not been evaluated. Use with caution in dogs with pre-existing epilepsy. Puppies less than 14 weeks of age may experience a higher rate of vomiting. Consult your veterinarian for pregnant or lactating dogs.


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98% Recommend this product (49 of 50 responses)
By Gail
Portland, Ore
January 1, 2019
Great service and accommodation for my 2 dogs
I have 2 dogs of different weight, and needed Trifexis for both. By ordering from Entirely Pets Pharmacy, I was able to split and order and get 3 tablets for each without having buy 6 for each dog at one time.
ProsI was able to split and order 3 tablets for each dog.
By John
Brandon, Mississippi
December 19, 2018
I have absolutely fallen in love with ur company! This was my first order/purchase, I normally get my Trifexis (for 1 dog: 40- 60lbs). from my vet for a little less then $40 but this place I was able to get one try FacSys for eight 40–60 LP ass dog for not even $13! Have never seen it that low for just 1 pill, that’s another amazing aspect of this website is you don’t have to buy a six-month supply! I also decided to look at some of their deals and I found this spray mate you can use for cuts, wings, birds, pretty much anything and everything and has no alcohol in it so it will not stink them and I bought some for my dog, she was being treated by a vet for two or three months and it has only gotten worse BUT since finding the spray, it has gone down and she seems to be feeling better! I don’t know it’s going to completely fix her, as a matter fact we’re trying to decide if we should put her down
Pros She will take it with or without food, she has had no side effects, easiest alarm and easy to keep organized!
Cons Man, that we have found so far!
By Pam
Wet and wild Oregon for
December 13, 2018
Good product, great price
I've used Trifexis for our dog for 3 years. Works well and takes care of all issues with one monthly pill. This was a very good price and glad I ordered.
By LInda
Dallas TX
December 2, 2018
My top choice
I have used Trifexis for many years now. It is a winner. My pets are free of heartworms, fleas and ticks....which can be a major scourge in the south.
Pros In the long run, this is more economical than buying separate treatments and I have not seen a tick or a flea on my dogs in years. I wish I wish I had this for Happy who contracted heartworms in 1975. She was finally cured but it was excruciating.
By Carole
Morgan Hill, CA
November 22, 2018
They contact my vet for prescription. Then send product. Simple process.
By Sandra J Danforth
Ormond Beach
October 10, 2018
Our dog gets this everymonth for fleas and ticks-- she has never had them.
By Connie
Summerville, SC
September 28, 2018
Great Buy
Paid half the price of what I would have paid at the vet. Delivery was easy. Had it in a couple of days.
Merchant Response:We get that a lot Connie. Happy to have you as a customer.
By Carlos
September 21, 2018
Your service and prompt delivery sets Entirely Pets at a higher level of efficiency.
Outstanding products and prompt delivery are provided.
Merchant Response:Carlos, that's high praise, we do our best.
By Zute
Silicon Valley, CA
September 17, 2018
If a dog doesn’t mind eating a pill, this is the treatment I trust. I need to cut it in half and mix it in with his supper to get my dog to eat it. I couldn’t get my previous dog to eat this pill no matter what I tried.
By Ruger
Orlando, FL
September 4, 2018
Excellent product, Highly recommended by my Vet - Great Pricing
We used this product for the first time just over 3 yrs ago when we adopted our German Shepard and he was on it already. He loves it and we love the easy one pill a month dosage. Our Vet says this is an excellent product with great results. Excellent pricing here at Entirely pets
Merchant Response:Ruger, Glad to hear your German Shepard does well with Trifexis.
By Meg
San Diego
August 29, 2018
Good product
Good product, Good service, fast shipping
By Debra S.
Cape Coral, FL
August 5, 2018
No regrets
I was pleased with the customer service and the product I received. I will purchase from them again if they continue to offer great prices.
Merchant Response:Debra, We work directly with the drug manufacturing companies to bring you the best pricing possible. We also do our best with our customer service. Thank you for the kind words. Wishing you and your dog the best!
ProsThey deal directly with my vet to obtain the script.
By Tamara Burchard
Saint Petersburg
August 3, 2018
Great Value!!
Great value and I will continue to purchase from them....much lower prices than our local vet.
By Lou
orlando, fl
June 2, 2018
great buy
We have been using trifexis for quite a while and Entirely Pets offered the best price and the service was exceptional! In the past other services had long delays contacting our Vet and gave slow delivery.NOT HERE. Hope Entirely Pets gets the accreditation my vet likes to see to assure them that EP is totally trustworthy.
By Eliza
May 27, 2018
Customer Service A1+
Love this product. Very capable, professional customer service helped me through this transaction. Will buy from them again. Don't experience customer service like this must, especially online stores!
Merchant Response:Eliza, we are happy to hear about your positive experience with us! Every day we try to be better than the last. Enjoy the Trifexis and take care!
By C A M
May 25, 2018
Great Pricees
Good product, service an quick delivery.
By Randall
Land O Lakes, Florida
April 29, 2018
Best bang for your buck
I was really amazed and pleased at the discounted price for the trifexis.
By Maureen Kirby
St.Pete, Florida
April 29, 2018
5 star rating
Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. My rescue dog Ci Ci and I are extremely happy with Trifexis caused no adverse reactions to Ci Ci the product is perfect for her. And you made it so easy ordering. Thank you, Maureen Kirby & Ci Ci
ProsMaureen, glad to hear Trifexis is working well for your rescue, Ci Ci. You both take care :)
By Marillyn
April 13, 2018
Covers it all
Trifexis covers 3 parasites in one tablet. My Saint Bernard doesn't care for the whole tablet so I just crush it up on top of her food. Easy once a month dose.
ProsOnce a month dosing. Easy to give.
By Marilyn
April 13, 2018
Easy to give
Love Trifexis. It covers 3 parasites in one tablet and you only have to give it once a month. My beagle eats it like it's a treat. No mess. Entirely Pets has the lowest price for this product.
ProsEasy to give, no mess, monthly
By Rhonda Reed
Vero Beach FL
March 28, 2018
Great value!
Happy to find a less expensive way to treat my animals.
ProsPrice Fast shipping Accredited pharmacy Variety of choices
ConsNew customer so none yet. Hopefully never!
By Nancy Parker
Washington, Tx
March 1, 2018
Great Service!!
Recently purchased Trifexis from EntirelyPets. Very pleased with the service received.
Kept informed of order process and received phone calls to update when needed. I will definitely be ordering again from EntirelyPets.
ProsVery friendly and helpful service.
By ehumama
February 6, 2018
Great prices
Prices were good, but just took a little longer than normal to get the fax request to the vet. But overall the service was good.
By margaret arriaga
San Antonio, TX
January 3, 2018
Great product at a great price. Enjoyed the savings compared to the vets price.
Fast service without any hassles.
Merchant Response:Glad we're able to help save you some money Margaret while still providing the same great Trifexis you would get from your veterinarian's office!
By Viv
Medina, OH
December 14, 2017
All in one protection
I like having my dogs protections in one pill. I don't like the topical flea treatments.
ProsAll in one
ConsMy dog doesn't like the taste.
By Carla
Little River, SC
December 6, 2017
Great price
Quick shipping after receiving the prescription from our veterans. Super price on one of the newest heartworm/ flea medications.
By Kenny
Puyallup, Washington
November 22, 2017
Chewable Flea Meds
Quick shipping, easy process with a fantastic low price...
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback Kenny, glad we were able to get the Trifexis to you quickly!
By Rene
san antonio,tex
June 12, 2017
Great service
Fast friendly service,saved me money!!
By Wendy
April 26, 2017
Great Service!
Entirely Pets kept me updated all along the way from letting me know they had contacted my vet, when they got the prescription, when it shipped and asking if it arrived when it was supposed to. The process was extremely fast and my product was at my door in less than a week. Everything was perfect!
ProsGreat service, wonderful product and excellent price.
By Linda Scamardo
Bryan, TX
March 16, 2017
Ordering online has been so convenient for me and saving money also, This will be the only way I will order from now on. EntirelyPets is a friendly use website and I have recommended them to my family and friends.