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Thyro-Tabs used to treat hypothyroidism in dogs and cats. Hypothyroidism is a condition associated with low circulating thyroid hormones. If your dog or cat has this condition, Thyro-Tabs (L-Thyroxine) are a synthetic hormone replacement for the thyroid hormone.

  • Quickly relieves symptoms
  • Easy to administer to your pet
  • Corrects conditions associated with hypothyroidism

  • Prescription Required


    Dosage & Administration: The initial daily dose is based on weight: 0.1 per 0.2 mg/10 pounds to be administered daily, either at once or in morning and evening installments. This dosage is then adjusted according to the response in the dog’s blood. Thyro-Tabs are to be taken orally, either directly or together with food.

    Possible side effects: There are no side effects in most cases. There can be differences when the pet has a preexisting heart condition; consult a veterinarian regarding these risks.