Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Orange 0-22 lbs

Frontline Blue 23-44 lbs

Frontline Purple 45-88 lbs

Frontline Red 89-132 lbs


Frontline Plus for Dogs prevents fleas and ticks and works to eliminate them on dogs that have already been infested. Frontline Plus contains a myriad of ingredients that work to both repel fleas and ticks and to kill them and prevent their growth cycle form continuing to provide a comprehensive pest solution. Within the first full day following application of Frontline Plus, 98-100% of adult fleas and ticks will be eradicated.

Frontline contains ingredients that prevent fleas from hatching and kill larvae as well, stopping a flea infestation in its tracks. Frontline remains effective on your dog for up to a full month after application and works to repel fleas and ticks to ensure that your dog stays pest-free. This protection makes Frontline Plus an excellent option for preventative use with monthly application.

Frontline Plus is intended for dogs over 7 weeks of age and can be used starting when the dog is eight weeks of age. Frontline Plus is specially formulated for dogs of a specific weight and comes in a variety of formulas for dogs of all breeds and sizes. We also offer packages that come with a variety of doses for you and your pet's convenience.