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Vetspon Dental Cube

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Recurring Saings in EprxAUTOSHIP & SAVE[Details]
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VETSPON absorbable hemostatic gelatin sponges provide effective, quick and easy hemostasis during general veterinary surgery and dental procedures. This product helps your pet recover quicker after a surgery or dental procedure.

    VETSPON Absorbable Gelatin Sponges are:
  • Sterile
  • Water-insoluble
  • Malleable

VETSPON can be cut to desired size and shape and applied to the bleeding site either dry or saturated with sterile saline.

    Benefits of Quick and Effective Hemostasis
  • Minimizes blood loss
  • Allows a dry, Clearly visible surgical field
  • Saves valuable surgical and anesthesia time
  • Longer surger/anasthesia time=increased surgical and post surgical morbidity, longer recovery
    Benefits of Quick Hemostasis:
  • increases the surgical speed
  • decreases anesthetic time and monitoring
  • can improve recovery time for the patient
  • By stoppinf oozing bleeding, VETSPON® increases the visibility and provides a "clear" area for surgery for the surgeon.
  • The porosity enables it to absorb it to 45 times its weight in blood.
  • As it fills with blood the platelets and fibrin collect and form a blood clot.
  • The gelatin sponge has not intrinsic hemostatic action. (does not activate clotting cascade)
  • Prescription Required


    View VETSPON Drug Facts Sheet.

    Before using, inspect the package for signs of damage. if the package is damage or wet, sterikity cannot be assured and the contents should not be used. Use sterile technique to remove VETSPON® from its packafinf. Cut the sheet to the desired size. Use only the minimum amount necessary to achieve hemostasis. This piece of VETSPON® can be applied to the bleeding site either dry or saturated with sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution (sterile saline). Open packages of VETSPON® should be discarded, since they are not intended for reuse and/or resterilization. When used in appropriate amounts the sponge is absorbed completely within 4 to 6 weeks. In an animal implantation study, tissue reactions were classified as negligible when observed macroscopically. When applied to bleeding mucosal regions, VETSPON® liquefies within 2 to 5 days.

      A) DRY USE:
    • 1. Cut the VETSPON® sponge or cube to desired size and shape.
    • 2. Manually compress the sponge prior to applying to the bleeding site
    • Hold VETSPON® in place with moderate pressure until hemostasis is achieved.
    • If desired, remove excess VETSPON® upon achieving hemostasis by gently irrigating the site with sterile saline solution to completely wet the sponge.
    • The portion of the VETSPON® that is adhering to the bleeding site may be left in situ. Use only the amount required to achieve hemostasis and remove any excess.
    • Cut the VETSPON® sponge or cube to desired size and shape.
    • Immerse the VETSPON® in the saline solution.
    • Withdraw the sponge and squeeze between gloved fingers to expel air bubbles.
    • Return sponge to the solution. The VETSPON® should promptly return to its original size and shape in the solution. If it does not, remove it from the solution and vigorously knead it between gloved fingers until all air is expelled and it returns to its original size and shape when placed in the solution.
    • Blot the sponge to desired dampness on gauze before applying to the bleeding site.
    • Hold the VETSPON® in place with gauze using moderate pressure until hemostasis is achieved.
    • Removal of gauze is aided by wetting with a few drops of saline, which helps prevent inadvertent removal of the VETSPON® and clot.

    WARNINGS: VETSPON® is not intended as a substitute for meticulous surgical technique and the proper application of ligatures or other conventional procedures for hemostasis.

    VETSPON® should not be used in the presence of infection. VETSPON® should be used with caution in contaminated areas of the body. If signs of infection or abscess develop where VETSPON® has been positioned, surgery may be necessary to remove the infected material and allow drainage.

    VETSPON® has been positioned, surgery may be necessary to remove the infected material and allow drainage.

    VETSPON® should not be used in instances of pumping arterial hemorrhage. It shoul dnot be used where blood or other fluids have pooled or in cases where the point of hemorrhage is submerged. VETSPON® will not act as a tampon or plug in a bleeding sites, nor will it close off an area of blood collecting behind a tampon.

    VETSPON® should be removed if possible once hemostasis has been achieved because of the possibility of dislodgment of the device or compression of other nearby anatomic structures.

    VETSPON® should be removed from the site of application when used in, around, near foramina in bone, aread of bony confine, the spinal cord, and/or the optic nerve and chiasm.

    The safety and effectiveness of VETSPON® for use in ophthalmic procedures has not been established.

    VETSPON® should not be used for controlling post-partum bleeding.

    PRECAUTIONS: Although absorbable hemostasis products have been used in veterinary medicine, safe and effective use of this product has not been proven through randomized, prospective controlled clinical studies on animals.

    VETSPON® is supplied as a sterile product and cannot be resterilized. Discard unused portions of open envelopes or blisters of VETSPON®.

    When placed into cavities or closed tissue spaces, use minimal preliminary compression and avoid overpacking of VETSPON® into the cavity. VETSPON® may swell to its original size on absorbing fluids, creating the potential for nerve damage.

    While packing a cavity for hemostasis is sometimes surgically indicated, VETSPON® should only be used in this manner if excess product not needed to maintain hemostasis is removed.

    Use only the minimum amount of VETSPON® needed to achieve hemostasis. Once hemostasis is achieved, any excess VETSPON® should be carefully removed.

    VETSPON® should not be used in conjunction with methyl methacrylate adhesives. In humans, microfibrillar collagen has been reported to reduce the strength of methyl methacrylate adhesives used to attach prosthetic devices to bone surfaces.

    VETSPON® should not be used for the primary treatment of coagulation diorders. The safety and effectiveness of the combined use of VETSPON® with other agents such as topical thrombin, antibiotic solution or antibiotic powder have not been ecaluated in controlled clinical trials and therefore cannot be recommended. If in the veterinarian's judgment, concurrent use of topical thrombin or other agents is medically advisable, consult the product literature for that agent for complete prescribing informaiton. The safety and effectiveness for use in urological procedures have not been established through a randomized clinical study.

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