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Suprelorin F Implant for Ferrets - 4.7mg (2 count)

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SUPRELORIN F Implant is a once-yearly, subcutaneous implant that assists in the management of adrenal disease in ferrets.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there may now be more than one million pet ferrets across the United States. Ferrets also at risk of adrenocortical disease (ACD) – a disease that, if left untreated, can greatly affect a ferret’s quality of life and can even be fatal.

Key Benefits

  • Hair loss – alopecia is a common sign of ACD
  • Vulvar swelling – in about 50 percent of female ferrets with ACD, chronically high estrogen levels cause a swelling of the vulva
  • Unusual sexual behavior and aggressiveness – a sterilized male ferret that suddenly begins behaving as if he had not been neutered could have ACD
  • Difficulty urinating – high androgen levels can enlarge the prostate gland in male ferrets, causing urinary straining
  • Lack of energy – a lethargic ferret – one that exhibits drowsiness, inactivity, listlessness and indifference – may have ACD
  • Muscle atrophy – muscle wasting or loss can be seen in ferrets with ACD
  • Skin disorders and itching – along with hair loss, ACD can cause dry, flaky skin

About SUPRELORIN F Implant

ecause of the nature of ACD in ferrets, there is no true cure for the condition. Now that the SUPRELORIN F Implant is available in the United States, ferret owners have a simple, convenient medical alternative for controlling the clinical signs of the disease. Studies have shown that the most common signs of ACD are all reduced quickly after implantation of the SUPRELORIN F Implant, and most resolve for up to one year.


Suprelorin F (4.7 mg) Implant is indicated for the management of adrenal gland cortical disease in the male and female domestic ferret.


View Suprelorin F Implant Drug Facts Sheet.

The recommended dosage is one, 4.7 mg implant per ferret every 12 months. Appropriate clinical monitoring is suggested to determine that the symptoms of adrenal gland disease are being adequately controlled.

Do not use if the foil pouch is damaged.

Remove the luer lock cap from the implanting needle. Attach the actuator syringe to the implanting needle using the luer lock connection. One implant should be implanted subcutaneously at the dorsal aspect of the base of the neck. Administer only one implant per ferret. Select the implant site by locating the area of the back midway between the shoulder blades. It is not necessary to prepare the implantation site. If the hair is long, a small section may be clipped if required. Lift the loose skin between the shoulder blades. Insert the entire length of the needle subcutaneously. Fully depress the actuator syringe plunger. Press the skin at the insertion site as the needle is slowly withdrawn, and maintain pressure for 30 seconds. Examine the implanting needle to verify that the implant has not remained within the needle, and that the blue plastic spacer is visible at the tip of the needle. It may be possible to palpate the implant in situ. The biocompatible implant does not require removal. Wash hands after use.

Repeat treatment every 12 months to maintain efficacy. Appropriate endocrine testing and clinical monitoring should be performed at appropriate intervals to monitor the response to therapy.


Do not use this product in ferrets with known hypersensitivity to deslorelin acetate or other synthetic hormones.

Human Safety Warnings:

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT HANDLE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING OR SUSPECT YOU MAY BE PREGNANT. Accidental administration may lead to a disruption of the menstrual cycle. Avoid direct skin contact with the implant; if skin contact occurs, wash the affected area immediately with soap and water. The use of gloves is advised. As with all injectable drugs causing profound physiological effects, routine precautions should be employed by practitioners when handling and using Suprelorin® F(4.7 mg) Implant to prevent accidental injection. In case of accidental human injection, a physician should be consulted and the implant should be removed.


Do not use in animals intended for breeding. The safe use of this product has not been evaluated in pregnant or lactating ferrets.

Adverse Reactions:

It is possible that treated ferrets will exhibit signs of soreness and swelling at the implantation site which should resolve over one or two weeks. Undesirable histology at the site of implantation has not been reported in other species (canine). Other reported side effects include: weight gain, lethargy and failure to respond to therapy.

To report suspected adverse drug events, please call Virbac at 1-855-647-3747.


Suprelorin F (4.7 mg) Implant is a controlled release implant containing the GnRH agonist deslorelin. Deslorelin acetate suppresses the reproductive endocrine system, preventing production of pituitary and gonadal hormones. Deslorelin acetate has not been shown to reduce the size of adrenal tumors and is not considered curative.


Each implanting needle (sterile) is a single use device. Used needles should immediately be placed in a designated and appropriately labeled "sharps" container. Each actuator syringe (non-sterile) is a multi-use device and should be saved for future use with the remaining implant(s) in the carton. Unused implants should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental requirements.

Adrenal cortical disease (ACD) affects approximately 70% of pet ferrets in the US.1

  • Common in domestic ferrets 3 years of age and older, but can occur at any age2
  • Affects qualit of life for the pet, can be debilitating2-4
  • Potentially fatal if left untreated2-4

Novel mechanism of action suppresses hormonal cascade.

The 4.7mg SUPRELORIN F (deslorelin acetate) Implant contains a snthetic GnRH analogue that suppresses production of pituitary and gonadal hormones for up to 12 months.3

  • Deslorelin acetate is released in a constant low dose from the implant, resulting in the down regulation or desensitization of the GnRH receptors in the pituitary gland
  • The desensitized cells now are unresponsive to stimulation and the production and release of LH and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is interrupted

Safe and effective therapy for managing ACD.4

  • Common signs of ACD are reduced quickly after implantation with the SUPRELORIN F (deslorelin acetate) Implant4
  • Signs resolve for up to 1 year4
  • Shown to be safe for use with clinical monitoring3

Important Safety Information:

For use in ferrets only. Do not use in animals intended for breeding. The safe use of this product has not been evaluated in pregnant or lactating ferrets. Do not use this product in ferrets with known hypersensitivity to deslorelin acetate or other synthetic hormones. DO NOT HANDLE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING OR SUSPECT YOU MAY BE PREGNANT. Accidental administration in humans may lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle. See reverse for complete product information.


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By Kady
Good product
February 10, 2023
Wish they were sold in single packs tho because I have 3 ferrets. Now one it's unused and I don't have friends with ferrets.

Merchant Response:Hello Kady, Thank you for the input, we have passed the message along to our team. Sincerely, EntirelyPets Pharmacy
By Sasha
Durham, NC
Good product, terrible service
December 21, 2022
The implant We are using this implant off label in a cat who cannot tolerate anesthesia and thus cannot be spayed. It takes about a month to really kick in, as evidenced by lowered aggression and marking behavior as well as absence of heat cycles.
The first time we used this the very next day she developed horrible green runny poop. Fortunately it was easily treated. We now keep GI meds on hand every time a new implant is placed.
But I won't be buying it from this pharmacy again. My vet called three times on their pharmacy line, leaving verbal authorization each time and they STILL called the clinic saying they needed authorization. This created a delay from Thursday to the next Monday. So finally on Monday they have the authorization and they took another WEEK to ship it. This is an insanely slow turnaround time for a pharmacy! Their customer service was unhelpful at best and irritating at worst.
  • good price.
  • effective medicine.
  • GI side effects can be quite harsh, but do respond to treatment.

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