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Doxirobe Gel (1 syringes)

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Recurring Saings in EprxAUTOSHIP & SAVE[Details]
Recurring Saings in EprxAUTOSHIP & SAVE[Details]
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DOXIROBE Gel (doxycycline hyclate) is indicated for the treatment and control of periodontal disease in dogs. A single treatment of DOXIROBE Gel can reduce periodontal pocket depth, increase reattachment and reduce gingival inflammation.

Key Benefits

  • One treatment can reduce periodontal pocket depth, increase reattachment, and reduce gingival inflammation.
  • Special syringe with cannula permits injection of doxycycline directly into infected periodontal pockets, providing local antimicrobial action at the infection site for several weeks.
  • Provides better results than antibiotics and scaling alone.
  • Biodegrades over time, eliminating the need to physically remove it.
  • Improves gingival health in 2 to 4 weeks.


DOXIROBE Gel is indicated for the treatment and control of periodontal disease in dogs.

Periodontal pocket probing depths ≥ 4 mm are evidence of disease that may be responsive to treatment with DOXIROBE Gel. In clinical trials, use of the product resulted in attachment level gains, periodontal pocket depth reductions and improved gingival health. Noticeable improvements in these parameters should be evident within 2-4 weeks following treatment. The response in individual animals is dependent on the severity of the condition and rigor of adjunctive therapy. This product is not intended for use in oronasal fistulas, periapical abscesses, or severely compromised teeth.


View Doxirobe Gel Drug Facts Sheet.

Teeth should be cleaned and scaled prior to application of the product.

If required, root planing and debridement of affected sites should be performed. The product is applied with the animal under sedation or anesthesia. Use as many units as required to fill the periodontal pockets of affected teeth.

Treatment and control of periodontal disease requires a comprehensive program of routine scaling and cleaning, home care and dental hygiene (e.g., brushing, rinses or the use of chewing devices) in addition to application of this product. Severe cases may require surgical intervention.

Reconstituted product not used on the day of mixing should be stored in the resealable foil pouch at room temperature(15-25°C or 59-77°F) and used within 3 days of reconsti tution. Ten additional exchanges between syringes should be performed if reconstituted product has been stored.


Do not use in dogs less than 1 year of age as the use of tetracyclines during tooth development has been associated with permanent discoloration of the teeth. Do not use in pregnant bitches. The use of the product in breeding dogs has not been evaluated.

Clients should be advised to suspend brushing treated teeth for approximately 2 weeks following treatment.


Store at controlled room temperature 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F).

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