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AllAccem CutoGuard Dermatology Bandage

Item# IWM046995
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Recurring Saings in EprxAUTOSHIP & SAVE[Details]
Recurring Saings in EprxAUTOSHIP & SAVE[Details]
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AllAccem CutoGuard a long-lasting liquid bandage that was specifically developed to keep the affected area clean and free of contamination. Upon application, the liquid bandage dries rapidly and forms a protective cover that is flexible and durable. CutoGuard is convenient, effective and naturally wears off as the skin heals.

    Key Benefits:
  • Forms a long-lasting protective layer over lesions, sores, hot spots and wounds
  • It keeps the affected area clean and free of contamination during the healing process
  • Discourages licking, chewing or biting at the affected site due to bitterant
  • Easy to apply liquid formulation, dries clear and rapidly
  • Convenient, durable and flexible for patient comfort

Product Information

  • 1 Derm workstaion
  • 2 Applicator Brushes
  • 1 - 1/16oz product vial & Cap

Clinical Information

Pyoderma is a bacterial infection of the skin. Most skin infections are secondary to a variety of other conditions; allergies, endocrine disease, seborrheic conditions and parasitic diseases are the most common. Clinical signs associated with pyoderma are papules or pustules, scaling and itching. Bacterial skin infection occurs when the epidermal barrier is defective or the immune system has been suppressed. Treatment of the superficial pyoderma involves administration of appropriate antibiotics, topical care, and addressing underlying factors. The goal of topical care is to keep the area clean and hydrated for faster resolution. Owner compliance is important as shampoo therapy every other day is often prescribed. Bathing is very time consuming and appropriate contact time and thorough rinsing with warm water are key steps. This can be a challenging task. Veterinarians can provide a convenient solution by applying CutoGuard.


  • Product dries rapidly - recap when not in use
  • Use copious amounts
  • Avoid cross-contamination, one vial per patient
  1. Clean and dry the area before applying
  2. Area must be debris, salt and soap, free for good product/skin contact adhesion
  3. Dip brush in vial before each brush stroke
  4. Paint the product about 3 to 5 mm past the outer edge of the area to be covered


Figure 1 shows affected area before clipping, shaving and cleaning
Figure 2 shows affected area after clipping, shaving, cleaning and drying.

It is important to clean the surface prior to product application. After cleaning, ensure that all soap and/or antiseptic has been removed by thoroughly rinsing with water. Area must be debris, salt and soap free for good product/skin contact adhesion and optimal product performance.

Figure 3 shows affected area immediately after CutoGuard application.

For best results, dip brush in the vial before each brush stroke. Paint the product about 3 to 5 mm past the outer edge of the area to be covered. A thick coating is required to be effective. CutoGuard can only be effective on the surface it contacts, it is not designed to drift. Try not to disturb the area or remove the product during follow-up visits. It naturally wears off as the skin heals.


Not for human use

For animal use only

For use in Dogs and Cats

Topical use only

Store at room temperature

Keep away from heat & sunlight


  • A Solution to the compliance problem with home care bathing and shampoo therapy
  • Ideal for breeds who are prone to pyoderma
  • Liquid bandage, made from specially designed non-toxic polymers
  • Easy-to-apply in the clinic
  • Dries quickly and is designed to last for up to several weeks
  • Convenient, effective and simple to use

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