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Sanctuary 256™ is specifically formulated for use in veterinary practices and animal care facilities. At a dilution of 1:256 (even for killing Parvo), Sanctuary 256 is a neutral pH product that is non?irritating to personnel, non?corrosive to equipment, and does not peel paint or stain floor finishes. Sanctuary 256 is a dual-active cleaner-disinfectant designed to be effective against a broad spectrum of organisms that may present challenges in your facilities. At the ˝ ounce per gallon dilution, Sanctuary 256 provides one of the most cost?effective EPA?approved disinfectants on the market for your clinic’s biosecurity needs.

  • Unique, dual-active chemistry kills Parvovirus at ˝ oz. per gallon dilution
  • Cost?effective dilution rates
  • Provides effective cleaning and disinfection in a single operation
  • Non?corrosive to equipment and clinic surfaces
  • Will not peel paint or damage floor finishes
  • Neutral pH and non?irritating to personnel
  • Fresh citrus scent