How Does Revolution Work?
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How Revolution Works and Can Help Your Pet

If you have a cat or a dog, you probably already know that parasites pose a serious threat to your pets if they become infected. What exactly do parasites do to your pet? That depends on which part of your pet they affect. Parasites can be classified into two main categories. This classification depends on whether they live in or on your pet. Internal parasites infect your petís internal organs like hookworms, roundworms and heartworms. External parasites such as fleas, sarcoptic mange, ticks and ear mites primarily affect your petís skin. These problematic pests pose a huge threat to your pet if they are untreated.

Prevention is Key

Preventing an infestation is just as important as treating one. Ensure that your pet is not afflicted with these parasites with the help of Revolution. This FDA approved, monthly medication is available for both cats and dogs. With Revolution, pet owners can protect their dogs and cats from fleas, ticks, ear mites and heartworms. Additionally, Revolution protects dogs from sarcoptic mange and cats from intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms.

Convenient, Easy, Effective

Revolution only needs to be applied once per month, making it a convenient way to guard your pets from parasites. This medication can also be used for dogs as young as 6 weeks old, and cats as young as 8 weeks old. Not only is it convenient, but it is also easy to apply. This topical formulation will protect your pets year round; just apply it according to the dosage instructions listed on the box. Most importantly, Revolution is effective.
When absorbed into your petís bloodstream, the active ingredient, selamectin, works to kill infestations throughout the body. Selamectin is fatal to parasites.This is because selamectin mimics an amino acid that is essential for the control of chloride channels. When these chloride channels are tricked by selamectin, chloride ions flow freely into the nerve cells thus causing paralysis and death to the pesky parasite.

Is Revolution Right for my Pet?

Revolution is very safe, but requires a prescription from your veterinarian. As with any medication proper dosage is critical in avoiding adverse side effects and negative reactions. Some of the reactions that may occur are:

  • Hair discoloration or hair loss
  • Skin irritation at the site of application
  • Itchiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty Breathing

Other more serious side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors and fever. Consult your veterinarian if you pet is experiencing these side effects.

Revolution offers many anti-parasitic benefits to dogs and cats. This medication has made the treatment and prevention of parasitic infestations manageable by pet owners. For further questions about Revolution, always talk to your vet, then feel free to visit our selection of Revolution products to guard your pet.