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Vetmedin products

What is Vetmedin?

Vetmedin is a prescription medication used in dogs to increase the ability of the heart to pump blood, used for the management of mild, moderate, or severe congestive heart failure (modified NYHA Class II, III, or IV) due to atrioventricular valvular insufficiency (AVVI) or dilated cardiomyopathy.

Key Benefits

Vetmedin products

By inhibiting the breakdown of cAMP, PDE III inhibitors increase the force of contraction the heart has each time it beats, as well as relaxes the blood vessels it pumps blood to. Vetmedin can also slow down the heart so the ventricles can fill with more blood.

  • Helps dogs suffering from congestive heart disease
  • Shown to increase quality and length of life in dogs
  • Increases the ability of the heart to pump blood
  • Comes in delicious beef-flavored chewable tablets

Vetmedin can help in two different ways; helps the heart get more blood out to the rest of the body and decreases the resistance it has to pump against. By doing this, it helps with the symptoms of heart failure in dogs.

Treatment with Vetmedin

Pimobendan, Vetmedinís active ingredient, reduces stress on the heart while increasing cardiac output, without raising oxygen or energy consumption. Vetmedin helps dogs engage in the daily activities they enjoy.

While your dog is on Vetmedin you should monitor their general mood. Oftentimes, owners can tell if their pet isnít feeling well. Since this could indicate worsening heart failure or side effects of Vetmedin, it is important to keep in contact with your veterinarian about their overall mood. Vetmedin has a narrow dosage range and overdosage can occur somewhat easier than other medications.


Chewable Tablets are only for use in dogs with clinical signs of congestive heart failure. Vetmedin is not for use in humans: keep this and all medications out of reach of children and consult a physician in case of accidental ingestion. Vetmedin should only be used in accordance with instructions from your veterinarian.

The safety of VETMEDIN has not been established in puppies younger than 6 months of age, or in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs. For more information, please see full prescribing information.