Metacam (Meloxicam) Oral Suspension

Metacam (Meloxicam) Oral Suspension
Metacam® (meloxicam) offers an easy, effective way to do just that. Whether relieving the pain of osteoarthritis in large or small breed dogs or treating pain preemptively in cats prior to surgery, Metacam provides highly effective pain management that's rewarding for patients, practitioners, and owners alike.

The first injectable NSAID licensed for both cats and dogs. Metacam is the first approved oral NSAID for dogs with osteoarthritis

Prescription Required


Metacam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Metacam works by reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body. Metacam is used to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness as a result of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis.

For: Dogs (over the age of 6 months)

  • Effectively treats pain and inflammation
  • Gives your dog more mobility
  • Comes with a graduated syringe, with weight measurements, that easily and accurately dispenses the correct amount of oral suspension
  • Can be administered directly into your dog’s mouth, or mixed in your dog’s food
  • Palatable taste

  • Prescription Required