Heartgard for Dogs & Puppies


Heartgard for Dogs & Puppies is a monthly medication that treats heartworm disease in dogs by preventing heartworm infection.

 Dogs are extremely susceptible to heartworm infection, dogs exposed to infective larvae purport a nearly 100% infection rate. Heartworm disease can potentially be fatal in dogs, so it’s important to treat dogs that are infested with heartworms.

Heartgard for Dogs & Puppies comes in a palatable chew form that can be easily administered to protect your dog for a full month. Though the medication is safe for all dogs at least 6 weeks of age, there are three formulas for dogs of different weights: for dogs up to 25 pounds, for dogs 26-25 pounds, and for dogs 51-100 pounds.

Key Features:
  • Eliminates heartworms in their larval stage
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Palatable chew for easy administration

  • Prescription Required